the Basica

A Simple Book of Spiritual Integrity
Written by an Ordinary Person

  Not one of us is unwelcome within the love of Ultimate Divine Spirit or to the joy of experiencing that love, nor are any of us exempt from the ability to express it or the obligation to be the best and most honest instruments of it we can be, once we have known it for ourselves.

  Matters of practicality and the intellect need not automatically conflict with matters of the spirit. It is possible to have a foundation upon which we might build a spiritual life that is relevant and responsible as much as it is rich and profound.

  It is not so much the case that religion makes one moral as it is that well defined, strong values, lived out honestly and faithfully, make one more deeply and fully spiritual.

  Basicanism is a simple, quiet system of belief and practice. It brings together all aspects of our being in a manner that promotes and merges the freedom and value of the individual with a mature, healthful, honorable approach to spiritual living.

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To My Inspired Fellows In This Work of the Spirit, Basican or Not:

  • Some essays have been put to revision since posting.
  • Additional essays continue to be added over time.
  • Some older essays that do not currently appear
    may or may not eventually be reintroduced.

  Opinions not contained within the Basica itself are not to be construed as any kind of official Basican doctrine to which all Basicans must adhere. Each essay is simply an expression of the ideas of the essay's author, except for facts about the book itself, relating of actual personal experience, and other factual information. Basicans are not required to follow or agree with any statements made outside the contents of the Basica, though they are free to hold to the opinions of others if they choose. Essays should be taken more as springboards for further discussion than as definitive statements about any given subject.

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