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You are not asked to give any amount of money at all in exchange for downloading this book.

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  Above are two links to choose from for downloading the Basica. The book is short, so download should be fairly quick. If you would prefer to read the book directly online, from this Website, please click here. The page will open in a new window.

  The following information explains the two download options and lists what you should expect to find once the download is complete.

  The downloadable electronic edition of the book is available in two ways: a regular zip file (.zip) and a self executable zip file (.exe). For those unfamiliar with zip files, they are opened by a program, not a zip drive. The zip files are opened by WinZip, a program that compresses files for storage and transmission, then opens them when they are needed. Because one of the files I'm providing is self executable, you don't need to have the program on your own computer. You only need to click to open the file once you've downloaded it and then decide where you want the contents to be stored on your computer. But if you don't want to download the .exe, you can also get the regular one and use the WinZip program on your computer to open it. If you don't have the program and would like to, you can find it at (Please note: There is no formal affiliation between me, the book, or this Website and the WinZip product or their Website. It's simply the program I happen to be using.)

  In order to get the whole book, you should only need to download one self executable zip file - theBasica.exe - or one regular zip file - - to your computer. If you download the regular zip file, you should select all contents and unzip them together in a single move in order to view the book properly. If you download the self executable, it will automatically do this for you. In either case, when you are done, you should find 1 (one) external folder, 1 (one) internal folder, and 27 (twenty seven) documents (14 .GIF files and 13 HTML documents). One of those HTML documents should appear next to the internal folder, not inside it. Here is a list of everything you should find once the file is unzipped:

A folder - theBasica - with the following folder and file inside it:

An HTML file - Information.htm

and, next to it,

A folder - Book - with the following 26 files inside it:

    Graphics -
    • 10CandleArrangement.gif
    • 11ColorCompass.gif
    • 1Cover.gif
    • 2TurkeyVulture.gif
    • 3BasicanCompass.gif
    • 4Ring.gif
    • 5Triangle.gif
    • 6Square.gif
    • 7Circle.gif
    • 8EmptySpaces.gif
    • 9ConsecrationStory.gif
    • BasicaBorder.gif
    • BasicaSeparator1.gif
    • BasicaSeparator2.gif
    HTML files -
    • theBasica1.htm
    • theBasica10.htm
    • theBasica11.htm
    • theBasica12.htm
    • theBasica2.htm
    • theBasica3.htm
    • theBasica4.htm
    • theBasica5.htm
    • theBasica6.htm
    • theBasica7.htm
    • theBasica8.htm
    • theBasica9.htm
  If you do not receive the zip file you try to download or it does not contain all the documents listed above, please e-mail me as soon as you are able, to let me know. Also, if for some reason the zip file contains anything NOT listed above, please contact me immediately. The file you will be downloading was scanned for viruses before I uploaded it. To the best of my knowledge, it is free of any threat. However, I recommend you scan anything you download from any Website for viruses before opening it, regardless of the source of the download. Out of necessity in these times of hackers and their associated activities, I must give the standard warning that those who download this file do so at their own risk. I cannot be responsible for what happens to my files after I upload them or for your computer at any time, before, during, or after you download. Please remember to take appropriate precautions. I will, however, want to know if you have any difficulties, so I can do my best to prevent anyone else from having the same trouble. (In other words, I can't prevent someone from hacking into an uploaded file, but I can delete and replace it if I'm alerted to the problem.) Thanks for your help!

  When you unzip everything, you'll get a bit of information about the book-related electronic documents you should have if you start with the Introduction.htm document that appears next to the "Book" folder. Some of that information is the same as what you are reading on this page. It also contains a link that opens the rest of the documents in a separate window. The book's pages are then linked together within that same window (unless your browser is set to open all pages in separate windows).

  Please be aware that the Basica is a copyrighted work and should be treated as would any hardcopy version of a copyrighted work. By downloading the book, you are entering into an honorable agreement not to alter it in its contents, its format (other than by simply printing it out in text or Braille or by recording a voice rendition for the visually impaired that is complete, accurate, and true to the original), or in any other way. This includes, but is not limited to, additions, deletions, changes of wording or graphics, and putting the book into any other kind of electronic document. You are also agreeing not to rent, sell, or otherwise attempt to make a profit by transmission of the book to others. Quoting the book elsewhere in articles and the like is fine, as long as you give credit appropriately. If you are not willing to agree to these things, please do not download the book.

If, as a Basican, you wish to run your own wayshelter and either direct people here for the book or have permission to make it available to them yourself, please read Set Up Information to learn more.

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